Monday, October 26, 2009

Weak, So Weak

I stopped at Michaels yesterday on my way to the grocery (it's so not on the way, it's the opposite way) so that I could pick up 2 more skeins of that alpaca yarn since there's nearly twice the yardage in the wool skeins. Don't want to end up halfway through a glove and run out of the correct dye lot yarn, now do I? I even had 2 more coupons, 2 receipt coupons from the day before to use. Guess what? Now the alpaca is on sale so the coupons didn't work on it. Did I just pay for the on-sale alpaca and leave? Of course I didn't. I stood there in the not-Basic yarn aisle and picked out two skeins of Pure Organic Cotton yarn in two lovely variegated colors that the coupons did work on. I need to have my Michaels visa revoked. I can't go in there unescorted lately; I need a keeper. Pretty colors, though, huh?

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River Glorious said...

:) I'm having fun reading your comments about all the yarn you buy. :)