Friday, October 23, 2009

Back in the World of Yarn

In order to blog every day I have been straying from the main topic of this blog, but today we're back in the world of fiber-y goodness.

I finished Stealth Project 2 this morning after working on it pretty much non-stop this week, but you won't get to see it until later in the year. Sorry. Stealth Project 3 will be cast on before the end of today, more secret knitting with no pictures to show for my efforts. *sigh* Suspense is good.

I did cast on a quick project with these three yarns this morning. I like them together.

And when I wasn't knitting on Stealth 2, here's what I was busy with--the Lava Shawl. It's like crack, I can't hardly put it down or stop petting it. I'm trying to keep my perspective with this thing but I'm weak, I cave. Only 10 more rows and then I get to start the lace part. Woot!

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