Monday, October 12, 2009

The Play's the Thing

DD's best friend works for Lexington Children's Theater so she got us tickets to see their production of John Henry, a 3-person play they send around to schools. It was wonderful, with spare sets and lots of singing. I'm not too proud to admit, I cried at the end when John Henry died just like the little kids did.

Small project knitting is super for passing time waiting for things to happen when you're out of town. I forgot my #10 DPNs so this is as far as I can go on Foster Hat #2 until we get home.

Car Knitting Ballband cloth #2 also got a lot of attention on our longlonglong drive down here.

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knittingknewbie said...

I'm so excited! I came to your blog by way of a comment you left with the YarnHarlot, and imagine my surprise... You're from Wisconsin!! I read a lot of knitting blogs, but they all mention places and stores that I've heard of, but have never been to. I loved finding ShopKo (I worked at the one in De Pere when I was in high school) mentioned!!

I'm glad you got to Kentucky safely, and hope you enjoyed (or are enjoying) your visit with your daughter. I think it's definitely confidence instilled by our parents as we were growing up that allows us to move so far away from our family (I live in California now).

I'm going to link to you from my blog, so I'll be able to find you again. Have a good day!