Saturday, October 24, 2009

Curse You, 40% Off Coupons!

I had two of them. They would expire today. I had to spend them. I went to Michaels to buy a frame for the Sock monoprint that David made for me at The Clearing last month. (frames were already on sale so the coupons wouldn't work on them) I wish I could afford to have it matted right now, but I love the way the print looks in the black frame until I can.

I found this yarn on an end and fell for the dark gray color called Mercury. I picked
up two skeins, one for each coupon. When I got to the checkout, after the checker finished admiring the print (she's a print artist too), she told me that the yarn was on sale so I couldn't use the coupons on them, but by then I loved the color so much I had to keep it.

But the coupons would still expire at the end of today! I had to spend them!

Back in the yarn aisles, I didn't even look at the "Basics," I didn't want to waste the co
upons on yarn I could afford every day, so I stuck with the "High End" aisle. I fondled the organic cottons and bamboos, but my hand kind of stuck to the Bernat Alpaca. Now, I understand that it's mostly acrylic but that 1/3 alpaca really redeems it, and there near the floor was a color called Stone, just a tiny bit darker (in person) than the Mercury. It was meant to be. And not on sale.

By the time I got home with it I had decided to hold a strand of each together to make this hat and these gloves. I know! A matching set. Imagine that.

P.S. And now with this post I am caught up for Blogtoberfest. It was annoying me that my number of October posts didn't match the number of the date. Anal, much?

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