Monday, October 5, 2009

Sunny Payday

Oh, I'm in a great mood this morning, even though I have to go to work. I feel fantastic. Getting off the anti-depressants was a good idea, or at least cutting them in half has really helped my mood dramatically. I'm actually feeling things. I love it.

Yesterday afternoon I took a walk and the sky was gorgeous. See?

When I rounded the corner back into our yard I saw the raspberries still ripenin
g and took a picture. I took one more step and, look, the barefoot raspberry picker! Putting fresh, fertilized soil on last spring and making sure they got water all season is really paying off.

After an unsuccessful hunt for a pretty pin for Foster Purse #1 at Goodwill on Friday, I found the perfect one in my jewelry box. I hope Rochard's kids like these purses and hats. I'm over halfway through the ribbing on Foster Hat #2. I like the dignified color and ribbing. Hope the b
oys do too.

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