Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Queen of Socks

Not necessarily making socks, but wearing socks. See the socks on the line yesterday? They don't match. My socks only match in the dead of winter when I have to wear boring but warm ones to keep my feet warm at work.

In September when I was at my writing retreat week, the leader/coach taught an afternoon class that she entitled "Knock Their Socks Off!". She told everyone to wear their craziest socks that afternoon and she asked me to donate one of my mismatched socks as a prize--and I won. Her husband who was taking the Monoprint class thought it was unfair that I won my own sock so he used one of his socks (he had to drive home uni-socked) to make me an award. This weekend it gets a frame. I love it! Thanks, Dave!

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