Thursday, October 1, 2009

Blogtoberfest--Day 1

Here's how I started my October--I spent 35 minutes on the Wii Fit doing Step Aerobics and Rhythm Boxing. Ooh, sweaty. I'm getting hooked on how I feel once I've worked out.

Then I went to Mom's to set up an Etsy shop for her to sell the clothes that she makes for American Girl dolls. I tried to set up a PayPal account for her at the same time and didn't have much luck with either. My writing friend, Jennifer, said she'd help me tonight, thank god. It's probably so simple a chimp could do it but it got the better of me. Good thing I have younger, more web-savvy friends since both kids have fled the state.

But first DD's friend and her mom came over to show us friend's new baby. She's one week old today. Aw. Having her on my shoulder felt like I was wearing a warm corsage. So little and so cute. It'd be great if they stayed that small a little longer.

I went for a checkup after lunch and (you're not going to believe this) I weighed le
ss at the doctor's office than I weigh at home! Seven pounds less. Yes, I wore the same exact things when I weighed at home as at the doc's. I don't understand. Usually I swear that there's extra strong gravity around those clinic scales but this time, not so much. I am not complaining. And I got my meds all straightened out. I'm happy.

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