Saturday, October 24, 2009


I planned to take photos of the room full of women knitting at Friday Night Knitting Club, but there were only 3 of us. We didn't fill the room and 3 of the regulars were away, 2 sick and one out of town. So Lyn and Tanya and I just chatted away the hours, listening to the people at open mic night in Harmony Cafe up front, closing the door when the music sucked all the air out of the room where we sit. We love listening but a few of the players and singers evidently equate volume with quality. That makes me sound old, doesn't it? Sorry, my head-banging days are long past.

I did get some knitting knitted and here it is.

A few rows were added to the Lava shawl. I'm not going as fast as I might on this because I keep stopping, laying it out on my lap, and admiring the colors in the yarn. Fewer than 10 rows until the lace begins. Maybe later today.

I worked on the Quickie project that got cast on yesterday afternoon. It's coming right along. Love the colors.

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