Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hmm, Let's See, Let's See...

...what to post, what to post? How about some FOs?

Last night I wove in ends and finished up the two projects I concentrated on finishing last weekend. First, we have the Car Knitting Ballband Warshrag #2. I'm usually not a fan of blue, but I like this subdued and tasteful amount, besides it's a warshrag, not a wall-hanging.

Second, I finished Foster Hat v.2. I love this hat! It's the Brangelina Hat from Crazy Aunt Purl. (I need to read her book one of these days.) I chose the pattern because it uses Wool-Ease Thick & Quick yarn and big needles, but I love this hat. I have to go get more "boy" colored yarn (i.e. dark) as Durwood informed me that the fisherman one (Foster Hat v.1) is not a boy color. I thought only pink was a girl color but evidently there are layers of acceptable colors for boys. Who knew? Good thing I have Durwood to keep me on the right track.

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