Sunday, October 11, 2009

Belated Birthday Shopping

My clever and crafty DD gave me a yarn shop gift certificate for my birthday--to her LYS in Lexington, Kentucky 600 miles from home. That meant that Durwood and I had to come and visit her. Very sneaky, that daughter, hmmm?

We ditched the historic cemetary walk (see previous post's discussion of day-long rain) in favor of a visit to said Local Yarn Shop. Yarn was fondled. Yarn was procured. I fell madly in love with Cascade Eco + first for the color (a deep red) and then for the size of the skein (478 yds.). So I bought 2. I envision a lovely shawl or shrug made with over 900 yds. of lovely Aran weight wool.

I also picked up one skein of Peaches & Creme ombre in apple green, brown, and light blue for dishcloth making. I love me some variegated yarn. Can't pass it up.

Only 2 more rows on my Khaki Cardi until I split off the sleeve stitches. Squee!

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