Saturday, October 31, 2009


I missed Friday Night Knitting Club last night because Durwood and I went to a Barbershoppers concert, so I decided to go over to Loops and Links to knit for an hour this morning. I stopped going a while back because I have no resistance to the yarn on the Wall O'Savings. Today was no different. There it was lying in wait for me, seven skeins of Aurucania Toconao #502 worsted weight in a luscious tomato red darkening to a wine red (it's darker and oranger, not pinkish, in person). Nine hundred seventy-three yards of potential. If I wait until I've lost a bit more weight it'll be enough for a February Lady Sweater. I'll have to see what I can do with it once I have the Christmas knitting and the Khaki Cardi done. Done, not close to done, done, finished, finito, that kind of done.

At the concert last night they gave out door prizes, a lot of door prizes and I won one. It was such an interesting assortment of items, I took its picture so you could see it too. There's a bottle of pink Australian wine called Screwed; on the label are tons of excuses: I missed the bus, my alarm didn't go off, my computer froze, etc., a gallon jug of antifreeze windshield squirter stuff, 2 bottles of gas line de-icer, and 4 free lines of bowling at a local lanes. I didn't win the quilt or the savings bonds or any of the restaurant gift certificates, but I love the useful wackiness of the prize I won. Durwood and I will have fun going real bowling one winter day.

This concludes my portion of Blogtoberfest. I managed to post almost every day and I made up the ones I missed so the number of October posts equals the number of days in October. I've enjoyed doing this and I've still got nearly half of the other participants' blogs yet to visit, and I intend to keep reading them until I've read a least a bit of each and every one. I'll definitely be doing this again next October.

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