Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lack of Self-Control

I couldn't stand it; I had to cast on the Colonnade Shawl last night. My intention was to complete Stealth Knitting #2 before starting any other project, not even Foster Hat #3 which should only take a day or two, but I was weak and I caved. I thought I could ease my craving by winding 3 of the skeins of yarn into cakes, but nooooo, as soon as the yarn was caked up, I got out my 2 sets of circular needles, linked 2 of the 16" cables and twisted on the US10 ends to make a 40" circ. It was only a baby step from there to rationalizing casting on 42 stitches to begin. It's only 42 stitches, what can it hurt? Soon it was nearly 11 PM and I had 10 rows done. *sigh* I'm doomed.

This morning I went and got a flu shot. Not an H1N1 shot, I don't fit the profile, just a regular flu shot. It stang, and I didn't even get a cool bandage. *sigh*

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Jenni said...

Hi Barbara....I happened upon your blog here because of the title! So nice to see someone else share the same feelings and trying to quit smoking also! I quit 2 months and 5 days ago.....and I did it by knitting!! I have made 5 beanies...5 scarves, 3 bags/purses....and I keep going morning to night...arthritis and all!! Good luck to you......and keep on knitting!!