Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Touch of Green

A while back I read on trek's blog that they use cloth napkins to reduce paper use. She doesn't wash them every day (except for the one in their daughter's lunch) so she's not using more water and power either. I was intrigued, but Durwood seemed unenthusiastic. The idea clung to the back of my mind so the next time I was cruising Goodwill I looked at the napkins, but they had mostly pink and blue, neither of which I'd let in my kitchen. Then I found a hook of smaller, striped cotton dishtowels for a buck each. I realized that I could cut them in half, serge and hem the cut edges, and use them as napkins. I love them, and seeing that I made 10 of them, Durwood is even using them. Much nicer than paper. Thanks for the idea, trek.

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