Tuesday, October 13, 2009

All The Pretty Horsies

Instead of showing you knitting today, here are some pix from our trip to The Red Mile, the harness racing track in Lexington. It was a very different experience from Keeneland's thoroughbred racing we went to in April. A very much more democratic and varied crowd, and they warm up the horses between races so you can watch and see which one you like or if it has a cute jockey you want to wager your $2 on (not that I would ever do that).

We shared a funnel cake and had a blast cheering home our
favorites. Durwood was the big winner of the day; he put $2 on #6 in the 11th race to win and darned if the horse didn't win. He came back from the betting window with $29.60, the lucky duck. We made him buy the funnel cake. That's him with our DD plotting which horse to bet on next.

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