Saturday, February 2, 2013

I Got To Cast On!

Remember that I said that I had to get the afghan blocks joined before casting on one of my "singles" projects?  Well, I worked and worked at work and at home and got all 12 Bandwagon afghan blocks attached to each other yesterday afternoon.  I went downstairs to gather up the remnants of the 4 cross yarns to use for the i-cord edging (I'm thinking of putting an inch or so of one of the neutrals between the colors on the edge),

and get the needles & dig out a skein of black wool to make the After the Rain shawlette.  I cast it on, decided I didn't like the way the edges were looking, and ripped it right out.  I started again, slipping the edge stitches purlwise, and doing the increase (using the easiest, the ol' knit front & back) in the second stitch.  I knit on it exclusively at Friday Night Knitting and see how far I got?  I was smart and weighed the skein before I started the second time so that when I reach where it says to work the point I can weigh what I have left and keep going if there's way more than half of the yarn left.

Evidently I'm evolving as a knitter because I backed up and made some decisions about how I want to make this pattern MY WAY.  This is going to look awesome with a black ruffle knitted on the edges, I can't wait to see it.

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