Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Knot, Dammit

Yesterday afternoon I got to the halfway point of the little scarf/shawlette I'm knitting.  Last night after our steak dinner out with friends I picked it up to add a few rows, only to discover one of those "extra yarnover" holes in it about 8 rows back.  Gah!  So I frogged back to the boo-boo because it was in with the ssk (slip-slip-knits) and the yo (yarn-over) so I couldn't just drop down a couple stitches and crochet hook the column back up.  Dammit.

It's been pretty quiet here at the dive shop today so I got back to the halfway point today and started working my way back down to a single stitch.  I'm concerned that I'll run short of yarn so I was less than thrilled to find a tiny little knot in the yarn which meant that I had to untie it and waste a few inches of yarn.  Now I find myself knitting faster so that I finish the pattern before I run out of yarn.  That never works, it doesn't even make logical sense, but that doesn't stop my subconscious into goading my fingers to KNIT FASTER, HURRY, HURRY.

I'm liking how this is looking and I'm eager to finish the scarf so I can put on the black ruffle on the slanted edges, another reason to knit, KNIT LIKE THE WIND.  (ooh, that subconscious voice can get so annoying)

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