Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Optimism Misplaced

On Monday I knit on my shawlette at work and ran out of yarn before I ran out of shawlette.  Grrr.  I frowned at it for a while then put it away.  I thought about just slapping the black on and having one black end but decided that was a bad idea.  I searched online to see if I could order another skein and for how much ($18.95, eek! + shipping, don't forget) and I searched on Ravelry to see if anyone had a skein or partial skein they were willing to part with (no one did) but cooler heads prevailed.  When I got home I dug around in my worsted wool bin and came up with a skein of fuschia, one of a lighter purple, and an end of green, all of which coordinated well enough with the colors in the skein that crapped out on me.  I reminded myself that the purpose of this basket full of onesie skeins of yarn is to knit solely out of stash so I plunged in with my 3 solid colors and I don't think it looks too bad.

Yesterday afternoon I started picking up stitches along the edge with the black and didn't like the way it looked so I single crocheted along the edges, then picked up stitches in the middle of the chain stitches so there isn't a thick edge on the back side.  I will confess that it's a long way from one end of the row to the other when you double the stitches on every right side row, and purling back's one whale of a slog.  But I have the second increase row done so a purl row, one more set of increase down and purl back, a knit row, and bind off is what's left.  I was sorely tempted to eliminate the last round of increase and purl but I talked myself out of it becuase a scrawny ruffle would look lazy.  Plus I'm German and I have to follow the rules/pattern.  (my innerHitler's very bossy)

At the Family Supper last Saturday I cast on another starfish dish/washcloth out of leftover cotton to keep my fingers busy so I only ate my share of the "horsey vorzees" (most of the time I could skip the meal and just eat appetizers, I love them)

and because I can't resist casting on, I went downstairs and dug out a skein of Hobby Lobby's I Love This Cotton! to make a double thick washcloth to match my soap caddy.  Tsk.  What a goofball.

Last Friday at knitting I worked exclusively on the i-cord edging of the Bandwagon Afghan, backing up a bit and taking another run at making the corner.  Two rows of detatched i-cord made the corner lay much flatter than the one row recommended on the video I watched.  It actually is going faster than I thought it would.

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