Thursday, February 28, 2013

Back To Sock-ing

Every time I did the laundry this winter the worsted socks I knitted in previous years kept reminding me that I could always use more socks to wear to work.  I love those socks.  They're bright and I only ever knit one so I don't suffer "second sock syndrome" so I only need make one, that way I have yarn left for other things too.  When I went through my stash last month this skein of Plymouth Encore floated to the top and on Tuesday my resistance broke and I cast on.  It was the perfect project to have tucked into my purse for waiting room knitting that day.  I like the dark gray stripe that's spiraling around the sock with the speckles between.

I'm liking the way that the Red Gold Cowl is working up, although I do wish I'd have started the mistake rib sooner but I'm guessing it'll all work out in the end.  Plus I can go back to standard rib when I get toward the end to balance it out.

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