Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Climbing Off The Bandwagon

This afternoon here at the dive shop I finished knitting the I-cord edging of the Bandwagon Afghan.  My join is not tidy.  I should have done a provisional cast-on so that I could Kitchener the ends together but I didn't and I am not going back to the beginning.  It'll have to do.

I love the way the afghan looks.  I love the colors I chose.  I love that I used two natural colors of Lion Brand Fisherman Wool for for the log cabin parts of each square.  I may not ever make an entire afghan of it again but I'm sure I'll make more mitered squares.  This is a good pattern.


Aunt B said...

Only you could see some flaw in this beautiful afghan. Love it.

Ann said...

Gorgeous! Congratulations on a beautiful blanket!