Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What a Difference a Week Makes

(I hear from Mom that my Aunt Barbara wishes that I would keep on posting every day because she likes to read them, but doing that takes a surprising amount of time and effort to think up things to put on here, and so this is to say that I'll try to post every couple of days, Aunt B, just for you.)

A week ago the leaves on the maple trees lining our street were bright yellow with touches of vivid red. In seven days the view down the street changed dramatically. Yesterday Durwood and I went out to corral the fallen leaves and send them down to the curb to await the city leaf collection squad. Durwood had the leaf blower and I had the rake and tarp. Our neighbor saw us and came out with his own leaf blower to help. I give you--Men Blowing Leaves One-Handed!

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Aunt B said...

OK -- Since you've promised to keep posting, the least I can do is learn how to comment on all your wonderful "Barb News" items. I love reading about your life and seeing the great pictures you add all the time. What a clever girl you are!! So even though I didn't know how to get into this blogging world, I think I did manage to set up an account of my own just so I can post a word or two back to you. Love you -- Aunt B