Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Stuff You Learn on the Road...

We stopped in lots of bathrooms on our way to and from Lexington, KY last month. Since everyone's in a twist about not getting the H1N1 flu, hand washing is a big thing. There were new signs in many of the bathrooms, reminding staff and patrons to wash up after toileting. The best one has stayed with me and will, I fear, be stuck in my brain forever. It suggested that you need to wash for 2 minutes, and the way to make certain you wash long enough is to sing one verse of "Old MacDonald" in your head while you soap your hands. Now every time I wash my hands there it is:

"Old MacDonald had a farm, e-i-e-i-o,
And on that farm he had a pig, e-i-e-i-o,
With an oink oink here,
And an oink oink there,
Here an oink,
There an oink,
Everywhere an oink oink,
Old MacDonald had a farm e-i-e-i-ohhhh."

Seems like more than 2 minutes, doesn't it? Now you've got it in your head too.

Wash those hands! Stay healthy!

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Aunt B said...

I was going to write more but after washing my hands and singing for two minutes, I was too tired!! But I do have very clean hands and all I can think of is "Old McDonald Had a Farm!"