Sunday, November 22, 2009

It Doesn't Feel Like Winter's Coming To Me Either

I looked out the kitchen window yesterday at the leafless honeysuckle and couldn't believe my eyes. Flower buds! A couple of yellowish leaves and flowers just as bold as brass.

So I walked around the yard this morning to find other indications that Mother Nature is a teensy bit confused as to the season. The forsythia is budding and the sedum is sprouting. See the tiny green shoots way down in there?

There's one tiny flower no bigger than my thumbnail on the shrub rose.

And one very small mum plant is just a festival of flowers.

The crocuses are confused--again. They spend all their energy sprouting in the warm autumn and have nothing left for spring when I really need them. Foolish crocuses.

Only the rose hips have it right. They're growing big and plump, orange and gorgeous, just the way they're supposed to.

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