Sunday, August 24, 2008

Not Diving--Rats!

I planned to go diving today with our friends Kevin & Deb but she's got the flu so I have to stay home. Maybe I'll go to Artstreet to eat fried food and look at the art. Here's what I've been doing this week. Pictures taken with the new digital camera.

I finished the turquoise Market Bag. It's turquois-er in real life.

Durwood helped me ball up the BIG Grand Canyon and I was compelled
to knit another pointy hat. As I worked on it I thought of my DIL's mom (no idea why) who takes "sparkle" lessons at Whistler so she looks prettier on the slopes. I've always loved that idea. If I skied I'd take sparkle lessons too, so this one's named for you, Holly. (I went to Goodwill to find the sparkly pin.) I give you...The Sparkle Hat!

I've been working on another stealth project. Here's a little piece of it.

And finally, I've been wracking my
brain for something quick and easy I can knit to put in the traveling Mickey box for my writer friend who will be the proud grandmother of twin boys in mid-winter. Since there are only 2 weeks until we meet at The Clearing it needs to be really quick. Last night I had a brainstorm--mitered bibs. And I have the big ball of skein ends from my failed attempt to corner the crocheted dishcloth market last fall. Here's the first one (needing it's second tie). One I-cord coming up--right after lunch. I can probably have 4 finished in two weeks!

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