Thursday, August 21, 2008

No Wonder My Arms & Hands Are Achy

I guess I've been busier than I thought with all this. Look at the FOs I have this week!

First, there's the embellishment of the Amazon Hat. I had another idea that didn't pan out, so a big lime pompon-ish thing with a bit of eyelash thrown in seemed just right.

Then Durwood and I balled up the lime BIG yarn. I had to make it into a hat and it just begged for a tassle made with the few yards of the Amazon I had left.

I wanted to felt Mom's Grocery Purse right away so that if it looked like something the dog yakked up I had time to make something else before her birthday on the 30th. It turned out okay and it doesn't even smell bad. Now I just have to decide if I want to line it or not.

And last Friday when I moved all my yarn into the basement I decided to cast on a pair of fingerless mitts to take to The Clearing to give to Laurel so those got done this week. BTW, they're made with Red Heart Soft Yarn instead of the Wool-Ease I'd originally blogged. I did that so they'd be machine washable & dryable for ease of care. So considerate (also that Red Heart was the first skein of black worsted weight I grabbed).

(Sorry about the quality of these photos. Our digital camera committed suicide last weekend and I'm reduced to using the 2mp one at the dive shop. I hope to do some camera shopping tomorrow.)


rochard said...

That hat is absolutely insane, but I love it. You are just so creative with the colors. They look like art objects!


Abigail said...

Those hats are hilariously awesome. So whimsical!