Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to Mom & Me!

Since our birthdays are only a day apart we take each other to lunch to celebrate. This year I got to pick the restaurant so we went to HuHot. Mom was nervous about the food being too spicy but calmed right down when I told her Durwood had happily eaten there. We each filled our bowls and loved it. As you can see by the picture, she put on her rose-colored glasses and made the best of it.

After the meal Mom decided she wanted an 80th birthday dessert so she chose a small order of the Cheesecake Rangoons. Trust me, this IS the small order.

The waitress said that for your birthday
you could get a free Molten Muffin so I said I'd have that since my birthday is on Monday. She looked a little doubtful but Mom assured her that was right and so my dessert was free.

After lunch we took a turn around the local Goodwill and scored some quality bargains. Happy Birthday to us!

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