Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Things Change

Remember last week when all the snow on Earth came to live in my yard? Well, the sun's been shining a lot this week. Yesterday I came home from work to see these hanging from the gutter over the driveway. They looked very pretty in the fading sunshine.

Today, 1 week after we got nearly 18" of snow, this is how the ba
ck yard looks.

Last Friday at Friday Night Knitting Circle Lyn was in the home stretch of her entrelac scarf she started knitting when we were up in Fish Creek last month. I had put mine aside to knit many preemie hats and some secret knitting, but pulled it out and have been working on it all week at work. I just love watching the colors show up. Today I finished the first skein and am one motif into the second one. It'll be good car knitting, I think, now that I've got the hang of it. I'm packing some acrylic to make more preemie hats to take to Knitting Guild next month.

I was admiring my progress on the scarf last night and look what I found. I must have picked up the yarn wrong on the very first row of rectangles. I am NOT going to unravel all of it to fix it. I'll just smile when I see it and remember the fun I had learning this not too complicated stitch.

I'm happy to report that my wrenched knee feels a bit better tonight. Whew.

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