Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Hat So Small...

... that even I can make it in one night. It's the Too Early Birthday Hat from the 20 Hats Project. I was going to stop making preemie hats. Really I was. But I was tidying up my knitting area (living room) and ran across this pattern that I had printed out. It was too cute to not try. Then I thought I'd need another color of Premier self-patterning yarn, so I stopped at JoAnn on my way home from work--and bought 3 new colors. Well, it was on sale 2/$5 and I found two, but then there was this other one that looked so bright and cheery and kid-friendly, not all somber and dreary so I bought them all. I had coupons. They didn't work on sale merchandise, but I had them just in case--and for justification. So while supper was cooking I cast on. Only 42 sts. Then you knit five rounds and purl the sixth, 4 times, then decrease the crown and that's only seven rounds. By 10:30, I was done. Presto! What's not to love? By 11:00 I had the second one cast on. What? I can't imagine a baby this small but if there are some they need hats too. And cute ones. (I took its picture with the last tiny one I made just to show you how much smaller it is.)

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