Thursday, March 17, 2011

Llamas and Driftwood and Geocaches, Oh My!

What a grand day I had! This morning Dusty and I walked on the trail by her house. It was in the 40s, so nice to walk in. Then I went and got my nails done, went home, loaded up the car, and took off for my rendezvous with Lala in Sheboygan.

We met at a llama f
arm and yarn shop about 15 miles south of town. While I waited for her I looked at llamas and fended off a friendly farm dog.

Lala marveled at the variety of yarns, I fondled them, and bought a little. This shop had the most amazing supply of fiber related books. Knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving, llama and alpaca husbandry--anything you wanted to know about, she had a book on. Mindboggling.

We went to the h
otel, checked in and took a walk along the river out to the lake. There was a load of gorgeous driftwood on the narrow beach by the Coast Guard station and a huge triangle of ice floating down the center of the river on its way out to Lake Michigan and the larger world.

After unpacking we met to walk uphill to Il Ritrovo for salad and pizza for supper. To. Die. For.

On our way b
ack we stopped at a chocolatier for a bit of dessert and at the bottom of the hill across the road from the hotel, we found Lala's first geocache.

And a deer leg was lying on the driveway into the boat launch. Ugh.

I have made another geocaching convert. Mwa-ha-ha-ha. I showed her the list of cach
es within a mile of our location and she said, "we need to do more." Hmm, I thought she wanted to write all weekend, I know I want to write too and also knit. We shall see.

P.S. I love our TomTom GPS. I just tell him where I want to go and Robert (the name of the voice Durwood picked out to use) takes me right there. No matter how many wrong turns or mind changes I go through he always gets me there. He even took us to the geocache. Nice Robert, nice TomTom. We bought him to go along with us on our trip out to Yellowstone next summer, but he's so much more to me now than just a vacation accessory.

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