Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Orchid Report

I have bad news. After nearly 4 years of exemplary orchid husbandry, Mom's orchid bloomed itself to death. At least that's what we think. It sent out a flower stalk last February or so and bloomed continuously until just last month when its leaves started to shrivel and turn yellow and it died. Mom was heartsick and when she saw the Stein's ad last week she sent me to get one. They didn't have any exactly like the one that had just expired so I took a chance and picked out a pale green one--with 18 buds on it. She called me yesterday to say that one of them had opened. Yay! It's real pretty and delicate.

Today I finished the Ogre Baby hat. It's so cute, I wish I had a baby handy to try it on. I changed the pattern a bit by doing stockinette instead of garter since the purling was making my hands hurt. I might have made the ear buds a bit too tall but I really like it so--it's perfect.


Samara said...

I want one in my size.

Ann said...

I've heard that orchids can go dormant, and then be revived. You might want to look into it. Love!