Sunday, March 6, 2011


Hooray! Because of spring or just because I'm motivated to cast on a zillion new things, six or twelve anyway, but I'm determined to finish some things too, so I did. I put aside the next Too Early Birthday Preemie hat and work on my entrelac learning scarf, any number of sock projects or... Well, you get the picture.

The second preemie hat was made Thursday night. Isn't it cute? I love the colors.

Yesterday and this morning I finished up the second Fjord Mitt. This yarn is soft and grea
t to knit with and the mitts really hug my hands. This is a pattern that will get made over and over. It looks like a raggedy tube with a thumb until you put it on.

This morning I finished up the Mermaid's Tale bookmark, pinning out the edges so I could attach the braided yarn and beads to the bottom. Then I gave it a bath in wool wash and pinned it out to dry. It might be a bit long and kind of floppy but I think it's pretty.

Now I get to cast on another preemie hat and maybe a neck cozy pattern and yarn I bought in Door Co. week before last. Teehee. (After I put fresh sheets on the bed and fresh towels in the bath and kitchen, of course, and put the soiled ones in the washer.)

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