Saturday, June 12, 2010

Okay, I Admit It, I Went (More Than) A Little Nuts

Last night at Friday Night Knitting, Donna brought in a couple of Knitting Calendars that she was going to throw away because she's moving (boo). Instead of tossing them, she told us to go through and pick out any patterns we wanted (she already had taken out the ones she wanted), so we did. Here's what I picked out--mostly bags, hats and socks, with a few scarves/shawls for good measure. One of the hats, a cotton wide-visor hat, really intrigued me so I toodled on over to Loops after lunch (and after my chores were done) to see if I could find some yarn to make one--or three. I did. In spades.

I found Plymouth
Fantasy Naturale (they're the variegated ones), Berroco Weekend (acrylic & cotton in buttery yellow), and Tahki Stacy Charles Cotton Classic (that's the khaki one, just in case I want to blend in). There was enough of the Cotton Classic and the red & yellow Fantasy Naturale to make a hat but not enough of the autumn color Fantasy Naturale so I thought I'd pair it with the Weekend, I'll decide later which one gets to be the hat and which the visor/brim.

Before I went to Loops and Links, I counted the money I had stashed after working a couple of full weeks and had a tidy sum to play with, so I anticipated going a little nuts in the yarn shop. After all, Loops is closing soon (but I found out today she's going to put a shopping cart on her website and still be able to sell yarn--yay!) and as of Friday all stock is 25% off. Who can resist that? Turns out I can't, but then no one's really surprised are they?

Last Tuesday when I was in there looking at (and buying) one of each color of Cascade Fixation to knit some ankle socks, I saw a skein (just one) of Dream In Color Smooshy sock yarn in the Lipstick Lava colorway. Lo and behold, it was still there. It's mine now.

The other yarn I couldn't forget was a chunky red (of course) Berroco 50/50 alpaca and wool called Cuzco. It felt so soft and squishy I fell in lust with it. It was still there too, all 10 skeins of it. 10! Enough to make me a sweater, maybe even a hoodie. I so need a chunky red alpaca hoodie. (Ravelry link) Who doesn't?

I've been wanting to try Magic Loop so I figured now was the time to invest in an Addi Turbo needle. Zoe, the Yarn Whisperer, said she'll help me figure out how to knit a cap with Magic Loop so then I can be like the cool knitter girls.

Tomorrow our local knitting guild is sponsoring a World Wide Knit In Public event in a downtown park so I plan to take along my Addis and cotton yarn and cast on a hat, with Zoe's help. Should be fun. I'll take pictures.

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