Saturday, June 19, 2010

Nothing to See Here, Move Along

I haven't done much knitting this week. Sorry.

But I do
have some yard and garden photos to share, and also a couple of Durwood with his new ride. His old van was just about kaput so he found a Chevy Uplander (sounds like a scifi show, doesn't it?) in our budget and picked it up yesterday. He's pretty happy with it as you can see.

The garden's growing nicely. I've got incipient blueberries on my three little bushes.

And a teeny-tiny green pepper on one of the plants. I have an unholy lust for bell p
eppers lately and am counting on these plants to slake my need. Maybe I should have planted more.

Durwood's hand-me-up raspberries from DS are making raspberries like crazy and the canes are spreading.

In fact they're crowding out a lily I planted near them last year, so once it's done blooming I'll transplant it to a more welcoming spot.

He's also keeping an eye on his tomato plants. This one is Early Girl and she's living up to her name. He can't wait. He bought tomatoes at the Farmer's Market today and is showing one to the Early Girl so she knows what's expected of her. He is truly Tomato Boy.

The dearth of knitting is due to the fact that 2 high school friends were in town yesterday so we did lunch and then David and Abby came over and made Durwood supper for Father's Day. Mmm, pork chops with a bit of mustard pan sauce, baked potatoes with chives, grated cheddar, and sour cream, fresh asparagus, and coffee chocolate chip ice cream for dessert. Delicious! After supper we played Oh Hell!, a favorite card game of Durwood's family and laughed and talked. It was great fun. Thanks for the lovely evening, kids.

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