Monday, June 7, 2010

Now I Remember Why I Like Ankle Socks

Last night I finished Cartoons Sock #1 and I really like it. Really really really. I was convinced that doing the "purl when ready" technique had de-emphasized the color I wanted to highlight but when I took pictures of the foot of the sock (since I didn't purl on the bottom of the foot), well, there wasn't much difference.

I'm half-tempted to make the second sock black with Cartoons colored cuff, heel and toe, but there'd be no color changes to purl... hey, I can pick another color to purl, that'd look cool. Yeah, that's what I'll do. I am a genius.

I remembered that next Sunday is International Knit in Public Day so I'll need to have something fairly simple to knit, so I went down and got out some Cascade Fixation and cast on an ankle sock. That's when I remembered why I like Ankle Socks--you knit 14 rows of cuff and go right into the heel flap. No long leg to slog down, just a nice tidy 14-row cuff, one knit row, and zoom, right into the heel flap. I think I'll canvas the yarn shops tomorrow to see if I can pick up some other colors of Fixation to make more single socks. We all know how I like mismatched socks.

Look how pretty the honeysuckle is! I'd include a photo of the female hummingbird who visits many times a day but neither Durwood or I am fast enough to catch her.

Below the honeysuckle are the peonies and bleeding hearts, and under the kitchen window are the ferns. I love the ferns.

Mr. Downy Woodpecker hung on the side of the peanut feeder yesterda
y when a hawk landed on the fence. He held so still that Durwood managed to take his picture, they're usually so skittish all you can say about the pictures we get is "there used to be a woodpecker here." Not very impressive.

And a bumblebee sat on the patio for such a long time that a picture of it had to be
taken and, if it was worth taking a picture of, it's worth blogging. Don't you feel lucky?

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Aunt B said...

Yes, definitely lucky to get to see all your fantastic pix AND your incredibly clever socks.