Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fast Sock

I finished the first Coral Ankle Sock last night. See? And it only took half of one of those tiny balls of Cascade Fixation. I'm going to cast on the next sock in a different color so that I'll have four socks, one pair and two mismatched. We're driving to visit friends in northern Indiana next week so an ankle sock will be a good car project.

One of the new-late-last-summer lilies is blooming. I think it's called Lipstick, but isn't
it pretty? I've discovered that I really like lilies. Can't wait until the Stargazers bloom. They are big and showy with a very strong fragrance. They're under the living room windows so if I can have them open the whole house smells wonderful.

And last Sunday I went to the World Wide Knit in Public event downtown in Jackson Square Park. When I arrived there were only a few people there, but eventually we swelled to 17.
Next year I'll call the newspaper and TV stations and maybe we'll get some coverage to draw out even more knitters.

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