Monday, June 21, 2010

Ankle Socks, Anyone?

I think I'm on a jag, an ankle sock jag. I combed all the local yarn shops and got a ball of each color I remotely liked. Lots of variegateds with pink out there, lots of pink. DD tells me most women like pink. I don't see the attraction myself. I don't feel bad buying a bunch of it because I can knit a pair of ankle socks from one of the little balls of yarn that cost just over $5 bucks each. It's economical! Patti's has lots of solid colors too, but I only bought one, a red one, of course, along with the 4 variegateds.

And here's the next one I cast on, on Thursday I think, maybe Wednesday night, yeah, Wednesday night. I call it Muted Stripes. The colors are medium gray, sage green, and beige. I like it. I'm quite surprised since I usually gravitate toward the brights.

This is going to be excellent car knitting. I'm taking an extra ball in case I finish this one so I can cast on the next one. I didn't knit one stitch at work today. I find that disturbing. I wonder if there's a yarn shop in Goshen, IN. I feel a google coming on.

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