Monday, November 4, 2013

The Shower Gifts

My friend Lala told me that I should put the baby sweaters on my knitting blog.  I thought I had but maybe not for a while and for sure not finished, and then I thought I should probably group all the knitted baby gifts I gave out on Saturday too, so here goes:

for W&AZ's little guy, I knitted a Puerperium cardigan out of sock yarn, sewing in snap tape for closures rather than a row of tiny buttons, and he has to have a pair of Widdle Sockies,

for my own personal grandbaby, the flavor of which no one knows (except for the doc and the sonogram tech) I knitted a 5 Hour Baby Sweater using the "boy" version (the original is just too girly for gender neutral knitting) and some yummy worsted I had in the stash, sewed on a snap near the neck and stitched a green "fish" button over it, and a pair of Widdle Sockies too.

But the knitting didn't start there.  Out of the softest wool/angora yarn I have ever laid hands on (and I bought it at Goodwill, thanks, Mitch) I knitted a Happy Baby Blankieholding the yarn double to blend the colors, and all of the Small and Clever pieces--hat, booties, and mittens with string--out of the same yarn.

Then last Friday night before I left for knitting night I dragged out some cotton scraps, some double points, and the pattern and whipped up a Tub Fishie.  It's knitted around a ping pong ball, and if you don't think that's a trick... it's one of those things that makes you twist up your mouth while you try to manipulate straight needles around a solid ball.

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