Friday, November 15, 2013

One Sleeve

With great joy (and a bit of giggling) I bound off sleeve #1 of the Khaki Cardi at work yesterday.  Once I took its picture and my picture with it on me, I took the stitches of the other sleeve off the holder, picked up the underarm stitches, placed markers and got to work on sleeve #2.  When that's done all I'll have to do is the neckline, ties, and blocking.  I could be wearing this as a completed garment by December 1.  I could.

I survived giving the program at knitting guild last night, and they seemed to like it and learn something.  I wasn't nervous about being up there speaking (those that know me know I'm pretty much of a microphone junkie) but I was nervous about either talking down to them or making it too complex and turning people off.  From preliminary reports, I did neither of those things. Plus I made them laugh.  Whew. 

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