Thursday, November 28, 2013

The End of This Blog

Not "The End" end, but it's moving.  Well, it's moved.  Just now.  I made an executive decision the other day when I started looking into how to merge my knitting blog with my writing blog.  For months now this knitting blog has gotten short shrift since I post daily over on Crazy Writing Person, plus I like to talk about knitting and somedays think that's the only interesting part of my life, and it's a lot of work to be brilliant and glib (har!) twice in one day and sometimes twice in the same week is a stretch.

I was afraid I'd lose the archives but they exported too and intermixed themselves.  I had to repost the "Links to More Stuff."  I don't think the "followers" or "members" links moved.  I'm sorry about that, but maybe you could rejoin over at Crazy Writing Person--Who Also Knits & Sews?  Please?  I fantasize that I have regular readers and don't want to lose any.

I'll be leaving this blog up for now.  I don't know why, guess I figure someone might want to read it or might find it or something, but it'll be here.