Friday, March 29, 2013

Evidently Sunshine = Startitis

I want to knit everything in my Onesie basket--today.  I especially want to knit the Wrap & Go Shawl.  I went to my Ravelry queue yesterday to discover that there're three projects queued ahead of it. The top project's a one-skein beanie which I won't wear this time of year either but can go into the charity basket so it goes into the knit bag for a Friday Night Knitting start.  The second one's a cowl and I've discovered that I only wear cowls in the dead of winter which is not now so I gave myself permission to ignore that one until autumn.

Next comes the 75% cotton/25% wool crocheted neck kerchief which I plan to start while sitting on the retaining wall in the sunshine just as soon as I get home from getting a car wash, and not one of those mid-winter, rinse the salt off drive through car washes either, I'm talking about an over $10, empty the crap out first, vacuum/inside clean/hand dried car wash.  (I think I can hear Beverly's pleased hum from here.)

 I've put the kneedles, yarn, and pattern for the Shawl/Wrap into my bag to cast on tonight.  EEEEEE.  It's only one skein, a 400+ yard skein true, but I read project notes before choosing it and one person used fewer stitches on much larger needles.  She might be my new best friend.  I'm going for it.

I decided to go with the flap heel after two disasterous runs at a short-row heel and got past it and the heel turn and by bedtime I was through the gusset and onto the foot.  Now it's no more thinking for the next 30 or so rows until it's time to decrease for the toe.  I really like the color and the yarn's got a faint fuzzy halo.  It's Plymouth Encore.

I saw a male goldfinch in the tree this morning.  They're turning yellow!   It's definitely spring.

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