Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Look What I Did!

Yesterday after running errands I went down into the sewing studio and got my Craftsy Block of the Month quilt blocks sashed together.  It was a much bigger job than I thought it'd be; all that laying out and rearranging, then cutting the strips, cutting them apart, sewing the rows, then sewing the remaining long strips together so I could sew the rows of 4 blocks into one big quilt top.  That last item, making the strips into one long one, that's where things slowed waaaaay down.  See, I thought I was sewing them together so that the seam allowance was on the same side of the strip from one end to the other but I wasn't.  I ended up sewing and then ripping, then sliding it through my fingers to discover that I'd resewed it the same way, then that made the next seam wrong, so more ripping... finally I got it and could begin the laborious pinning and sewing phase.  Finally I got them all put together into one fabric.  Ta-da!

I'll admit that I don't have the sashing around the outer edges yet, but at least the blocks are together and I call that real progress.

DD gave me a thread nipper for Christmas and yesterday was the first time I really got to use it for more than snipping one thread.  I. Love. It.  Thanks again, DD.

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Aunt B said...

Ohhhhh, that is SO BEAUTIFUL!! You should keep it as a wall hanging -- prominently displayed somewhere for all the world to see. Really, really special!!!