Thursday, January 3, 2013

Having Company Is Hard On Knitting Too

I was sure that I'd get reams of knitting done while DD & DIL2 were here for a few days.  Yeah, right.  Not.  Those five days just zoomed by, so much that I feel a little whiplash today.  They drove away this morning and called around an hour ago to say that they were home safely.  Whew.  That's a long ride; I'm glad they've got each other to share the driving and chat with.

I got a few more rows of the red & gold striped Christmas stocking knitted.  Didn't finish in time for this Christmas.  Maybe next Christmas.

I've added rows to the third of the Double Thick Washcloths.  This yarn must be DK-ish because even though it says worsted on the ballband even I, who am not a yarn savant, can tell that it's thinner and the cloth is getting longer at a much slower rate than the previous two.  I like the colors though and I LOVE the feel of the fabric.  Mmm, squooshy.

I dug out the barely-begun latest version of the Purse Stitch Scarf and have made pretty good progress.  It's an easy project for distracted knitting, I have a tendency to forget that first yarn over but I've learned to save myself so it's not a project breaker.  I do love these scarves and this one is a tad wider than the previous ones and that'll made the end product a bit shorter so I won't have to figure out how to wrap it around to keep it from dragging in my soup or snagging on tank valves at work.
Now I just have to resist playing one of the new hidden object games I put on the laptop over the last week.  I didn't realize how addictive they are.  I rationalized today that they're good for retaining cognitive acuity.  Good rationalizing, Barbara.

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