Sunday, June 17, 2012

Quilt-Block-A-Palooza! *photo added*

It seems I'm on a sewing jag lately.  I don't want to knit and barely want to write, I want to sew.  (D'you think Mom's perched on my shoulder whispering in my ear?  I wouldn't be a bit surprised.)  Last month I made a set of 5 prayer flags for DS that have finally arrived in her hands so I finally get to show them to you.  I'll devote a post to them later in the week.  Durwood hinted not very subtly that he wouldn't say no to another wild aloha shirt on Father's Day if one happened to squirt out of my sewing machine.  I gave it to him this morning and he loves it.  See?  He immediately put it on, and made plans to wear it to Festival when he went for a rib eye for supper and on Thursday to Pulmonary Rehab to show off to the nurses.  Makes me very proud.

In the last week, well, actually in the last two days I've made four (4!!) of the quilt blocks I'm behind in my quilt Block Of the Month online course.  I've been slowly working on the April blocks which involved hand-sewing hexagons into a strip for block #1 and figuring out another design for block #2 since I really didn't like the "official" design.  Once I decided what to do it didn't take long to whipstitch them together and then zigzag them onto the foundation blocks.  Piece o'cake.

Once I finished the aloha shirt I zoomed through sewing the hexagons onto the blocks and then segued right into making the Wonky May blocks.  I'd been looking forward to making those.  When I finished the first one it had way too much white for the amount of color, so I zipped off the offending sides (love that rotary cutter!) and sewed on wider pieces of fabric.  I didn't follow the directions exactly (of course I didn't, when have I ever?) by not making each of the printed "frames" one fabric, but I like how it turned out.  It's pale and pastel-y but I like it.

I was going to save May Block #2, the Wonky Log Cabin block, for today but I kept looking at the pile of deep toned and graphic fabrics I had put aside for it and couldn't wait.  So I just kept going and made that one too, finishing just before bedtime last night.  I gave some thought to staying up and doing the June ones right away but realized that then I wouldn't have anything fun to sew today, so I didn't.  (good girl, Barbara)

I took all the quilt blocks outside and posed them on our drought-brown lawn.  I'm halfway through making blocks.  I'm looking forward to the joining and quilting in November & December.

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