Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June Quilt Blocks & DIL1's Birthday Purse

Okay, this is the last "catch up" post of stealth sewing, but first I want to show you the June BOM Quilt Blocks.  I made one on Sunday and one this afternoon.  I like them both, but I thought long and hard about redoing the first one.  I noticed that when I cut out the pieces for the center cross I should have "fussy cut" them so more of the birds printed on the fabric have their heads attached.  (Fussy cut means to arrange the pattern pieces or the quilting ruler so that the design that you want is where you want it on the block.)  The main reason that I didn't redo it is that I like the fabric, only have a fat quarter, and don't want to waste what's left.

Last Christmas DS & DIL1 gave me a book I had on my list.  Once I'd opened it the gift and thanked them, DIL1 picked it up, opened it to a particular pattern and pointed at it saying emphatically, "June 7th!  June 7th!"  The book is a collection of zakka pattern.  Zakka is a Japanese way of making utilitarian items more attractive.  What DIL1 wanted was a messenger bag-type purse similar to one she'd nearly worn out.  Over the year I kept my eyes peeled for linen on sale, buying a yard here, a yard there, and a lining fabric I thought looked right for her.  It was easy to cut out and assemble and I couldn't wait until I could give it to her.  She loved it.  I was relieved and proud.  She let me know that she'll be glad to give a home to anything else I'd like to make out of that book.  Great girl, that one.


Aunt B said...

I just bought one of those messenger bags to send Lisabeth for her birthday. Don't tell Lisabeth, but that one you made is so much prettier!!

Barbara said...

My lips are sealed. I'm glad you think so.