Monday, June 4, 2012

Project Progress (Lots of Pictures)

I must confess two things:  A) I've been mostly playing with planting the garden and potted plants on the patio, and 2) a lot of my projects are for someone else (look at me being all unselfish, that's different) so I can't just slap pictures of them on here.  That said, I realized this morning that I haven't posted in over a week.  I don't want you to think I'm just lolling around here eating peeled grapes and reading trash on my Kindle (not all the time anyway), so I figured out a way to show you what I'm doing while NOT showing you what I'm doing.

First, the garden.  Weeks and weeks ago I planted lettuce, spinach, scallion, and basil seeds in two planters right outside the patio doors.  The basil has taken the longest but it's so cute with its first tiny pairs of leaves that I had to take a picture of it this morning.

Durwood and I went to Stein's and picked out 6 tomato plants (7 came home with us... hm, those darned greenhouse gremlins), 2 bell peppers, and a spaghetti squash for our garden.  I got those in the ground Memorial Day weekend and spread a thick blanket of straw around them to make them cozy and keep them moist.

To make things easier for the cook, I repurposed a lot of my flower pots (you're welcome, Dear) to make a patio herb garden.  There are chives and parsley on the privacy screen shelf, shallots, rosemary, thyme, bay leaves, sage, and one lonely,volunteer lemongrass in pots on the sunny edge.  Another rosemary and most of the basil are in the planters that get a little shade later in the day.  I put the 3 more basils I bought at the Botanical Fair on Saturday in a hanging pot stuck on a crook at the edge of the garden.  Yeah, it's a lot of basil but I have this idea to make basil hummus (and I might really like it and want to make a lot) plus some pesto plus have plenty to eat.  It won't go to waste, there's always the dehydrator to press into service.

Now the crafty stuff.  There is a sewing & embroidery project that's mere hours away from completion.  I can't wait to show it to you but I have to finish it and gift it before then.  Here's the last piece that needs a bit of embroidery.  I should get on it.  Maybe tonight.

Here's a sewing project that's all done except for the gifting.  Patience.

This is a knitting project that was nagging at me that might become a gift so this is all you get.

And, finally, stuff you can see.  The Maple Tree scarf enters its 6th month with a tiny scrap of red for the cardinal in the tree one day last week and shifting greens, which are pleasing me no end.

Wingspan grows and grows.  I completed the 8th triangle, the final one according to the pattern, but it wasn't long enough.  Plus I have plenty of yarn so I'm going on.  #9 is finished and #10 begun.  I wasn't as successful matching up colors when it was time for the 3rd skein to join in but as Great-grandpa Gerst said, "a man running for his life will never see it."  He was a wise old man, that Charlie Gerst.

And that's it.  See?  No peeled grapes. And I've finally figured out how to make Blogger put photos where I want them to be.  Took me long enough.

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