Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's Me Again--And So Soon

I need to show you the quilt block I made, or rather finished, yesterday.  I'm thrilled with it.  I've never made a quilt before but I come from a long line of quilters a couple of generations back, so I figured I was a natural.  I signed up for a Block of the Month class over on and I love it.  It's free (who doesn't love that?) and it has excellent instruction videos you can watch over and over and over and over, etc. if you don't know how to do what she says to do.  I stayed caught up until March when a wave of sadness overcame me and all crafting came to a screeching halt.  For a while, like a couple months, it was all I could do to blog over at my writing blog and go to work.  I'm better now.  Lots of other projects have been going on, plus getting the garden in, and I haven't picked up the quilt blocks again.  I was downstairs sewing yesterday and just pulled it out, reironed the strips and knocked it out in no time.  I love it!  I'd love it even more if it was the right size, but I'm going to sew on some narrow strips of the background fabric and make it work.  Next block I'm cutting the foundation pieces 1/2" bigger.

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