Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Been Knittin'

This time of year if it's sunny people come into the dive shop. If it's dreary, chilly, or rainy nobody comes. It was crummy Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday last week so I got a bunch of knitting accomplished. I got a lot of goofing off accomplished too but I don't have pictures of that. (I was tempted to put one of those emoticons at the end of that last sentence but then I realized that I'm not really a fan. Too cutesy, I guess.) I didn't finish anything but...

Look! Heels! I found a pattern that tells how to make short-row heels without all the wrapping and turning and no holes so I followed that and made lovely heels on my Toes Up X2 socks.

I already told you about the mega-save of the Red Marl Sweater front in the last post, so the only other knitting I have to report is another preemie hat got started at FNKC last night.

I did have some adventures yesterday though. Skully and I try to meet to walk twice a week. We walked Tuesday at Baird Creek and we came within 40 ft. of finding a geocache on our way back to
our cars, but it was across the creek and we didn't have time to go around because I was already going to be cutting it close to get to work on time. So yesterday we took a mountain bike trail on the other side of the creek and, dodging fallen trees and logs and skirting brambles, we got to the place, but after long searching didn't find it. I think it got knocked down in the windstorm last week or swept away on the spring snow melt flood. Skully wants to find the planter and sit on him until he shows us where it is. I think we should email. But instead of turning back we kept going, hoping to find a narrow place or footbridge to cross over. We didn't. We found this. It's a logjam about 30 feet across. We crossed it. We were careful, well, after I fell taking the first step we were more careful. I found a good sturdy stick to use to poke where I wanted to step next and we made it, slowly and with lots of laughter. I was just happy that no one came down the trail when we were doing it to witness our lunacy. We need a keeper.

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