Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dodged a Bullet

Only metaphorically, but still it was a close one. Remember last month I swore I was going to work on my fair isle sweater and I picked it up and knit one row? Well I got serious with myself the other night and picked it up again.

I looked at it (on the left), looked at the chart, looked at the knitting, looked at the chart, squinted at the knitting, grumbled over the chart, only to finally realize that, after the ribbing, I had used red when I should have used gray and vice versa. Gah! Happily it was only 7 rows into the pattern so I frogged the bad knitting, rewound the balls and plunged back in. I complained about it to Durwood, about how my nearly 60 year old brain made it hard for me to remember to knit red when the chart says black and gray when the chart says red. He said, "why not just change the word on the chart?" If I hadn't been afraid I'd mar my classic beauty, I think I would have banged my forehead on the table a few (dozen) times. So I got my black gel pen and... fixed it.

Look, look, look! Daffodils! Crocus! Some other white bulb-type flower whose name I can't remember! Pretty!

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Aunt B said...

Ahhh springtime -- and a clever husband to help that nearly 60-year old brain of yours!! Two blessings!!