Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I did not order this and I better never find out who did. It has been downright cold the last couple of days but today--today it decided to snow, and not just a little, a lot. It's been snowing since noon and there's probably 3 or 4 inches of wet sloppy stuff. Yuk. And it's cold enough that I had to go down and carry my winter coat upstairs again. It's the middle of April, people, the daffodils are blooming in my front yard, and it's freakin' snowing. Why do we live here? Why???? Oh, yeah, we're too poor to move.

Before it snowed too hard I went out and filled up the birdfeeders and the squirrel corn.

Here's a little fiber content...

last night I added a couple rows onto the front of my first attempt at Fair Isle knitting. It's this sweater but I'm making the sweater red and the designs in a marled gray I got at a fiber fest in Valders. The way the weather's going I might be able to wear it before summer if I knit faster. Sheesh.

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