Monday, April 11, 2011

Hip To Be Square

I finished my first Mitered Crosses Blanket --for Japan block yesterday. It's a fun and fast knit. I love watching the colors emerge and stack up and the log cabin edges go fast. I decided to call it the Bandwagon Blanket because so many others started it before me. I fully intend to put this aside for a short time so that I can finish up some of my (many) UFOs (UnFinished Objects, for those of you not up on knitting jargon).

I'm starting with the 2 socks on Magic Loop. Because I'm almost to the heels and because I'm using a borrowed needle. You remember these, right?


Anonymous said...

Barbara, What needle length do you use for your Magic Loop?

Barbara said...

Terri, I'm using Zoe's 46" Addi Lace needle (US 5 or 6, I forget) that she lent me. It just occurred to me that I need to knit faster on this project to give it back to her. *head slap*