Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Walking & Biking Route

I'm sparing you a photo of me pedaling on the trail, mostly because I feel like I look cool but a photo would prove that I look like a middle-aged, overweight woman on a bike wearing a red and black helmet and a goofy grin. I keep meaning to take the camera when I walk or ride but always forget. Julie has a camera phone and took a few pics for me yesterday. Yay!

This is from the boat launch up toward the Hwy. 172 overpass a mile away (it's the blue line through the sky). We walk a mile past the bridge and back on our morning walks.

Here's what it looks like when we're almost back to the start, and beyond the boat launch parking the trail continues on through DePere and down the river to Denmark. (No, Denmark, WI, not Europe.)

This is a part of the trail that we especially like because the trees arch over. Can't wait until more leaves turn colors.
I rode my bike the way we walk and am convinced that it's uphill both ways--or it could be mostly flat but my legs are in crap shape. It's pretty along the river and behind fancy houses. When I grow up I want to live by the Trail so I can play on it every day.

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